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There are many ways you can offer your time and any special skills in aiding with 20th District station migrant efforts.

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Station Needs

Donations of all kinds are appreciated and necessary to best support our work. Find out exactly what we need and the best way to get it to us.

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how you can be helpful

Everything our volunteers are working on and need help with in the 20th Police District.

Meal Support

20th District volunteers do their best to provide 2 hot meals a day to our migrant guests. These meals are entirely available through volunteer at-home meal prep, restaurant donations, or community meal prep; and include transportation, serving help, and a plethora of other volunteer led tasks.

Donation Managment

Through the generosity of neighbours like you and local organizations, we've been able to collect items like snacks, clothing, hygiene products, and bedding. But sorting through, organizing, and making sure we can best utilize it all is a big task and always needs a few willing hands.

Ideal commitment:

1-2 hours, anytime Monday - Friday

Medical Needs

Do you have professional medical experience?

We have the need for nurses, PAs or doctors, to administer medicine, provide general wellness checks, and/or assist in urgent care.

Transportation Help

We are constantly transporting donations and migrants. Some of these deliveries/pickups are within the 40th ward, while others are in neighboring districts. Occasionally, there will be rides to bus stations, airports, or to court appearances.

Ideal commitment:

On an "as available" basis - as long as you can commit to a pickup/delivery you sign up for.

Volunteer Recruitment

We are constantly looking for new volunteers and we must speak with each volunteer prior to connecting them with the “best fit” volunteer work.

Ideal commitment:

Make calls from your own home on an as needed basis.

Urgent Requests

Ideal for volunteers who live relatively close to the 20th District Police Station.

From welcoming new neighbors to the station, explaining rules and expectations, or assisting the Latino Treatment Center in providing laundry or other skill-building guidance.


Spanish speaking abilities

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How to get in touch

Useful contact information for the 20th district migrant aid effort.

20th District Police Station

(312) 742 - 8714

Latino Treatment Center

(773) 465 - 1161

40th Ward Alderperson's Office

(773) 654 - 1867

The 20th District migrant aid effort is led by volunteers and community organizations, to ensure that our new neighbors have a comfortable and safe stay on their journey to asylum.